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The truth always stands up to the light of day. It will come out true no matter the scrutiny or the lies it is compared to. If what you say is true, why would you try and bury or discredit contrary statements? Surely any analysis of contrary statements will only support your statement; that is if what you say is really truth.

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Almost everyone one of us has personally  experienced or witnessed the uncomfortable event when someone is expressing a “fact” only to have someone else stand up and present information that proves the information wrong.  If it happened to you in a public situation, I bet you wished for just a second you could make that other person or source of information just go away.  While as mature and honest people we realize that despite the emotional response, we still need to support the truth.  Unfortunately not everyone feels that way.  Many of those in very high places feel that truth is irrelevant, and only agenda is important.  Take the following as an example.

A team of British Archeologists just a few years ago discovered a huge underground cave system under the Giza Plateau on the west side of the Great Pyramids.  This cave system could be accessed from a relatively unpopular tomb known as the Tomb of the Birds, so names because when it was first discovered it was filled with Bird Mummies.

However this is not about this event, but rather what happens next.  When the team reported the discovery to the Egyptian Authorities, they were dismissed as lying.  Later the Egyptian Authorities announced that there wasn’t any caves under the Giza Plateau.  They defaced the tomb entrance by installing an iron fence over the entrance so no one could enter.  To this day they will not list or accept even the satellite photos that show the cave system as being present.

What we see is that for reasons I cannot even guess that the truth about the caves systems was something Egyptian Authorities didn’t want anyone to know.  As such they publicly lied on TV, News Stories, their own websites, and tried to discredit the Archeologists team that made the discovery.  They refuse to consider any evidence that the caves exist, and have threaten the Archeologists team with legal action should they try and distribute any information, maps, drawings, photos, etc. that contradict the Egyptian Authorities position.

Now we come to the heart of the discussion.  The Egyptian Authorities refuse to allow anyone to examine the presented information and want anything that contradicts their “truth” to be removed from consideration.   Here is clear example the meaning of the statement above.  If what was in the official report was true, then the Egyptian Authorities wouldn’t hesitate to allow the information the British Archeologists present to be examined and they would not have covered the tomb entrance.

I make this point to make it clear that as soon as someone attempts to suppress contradictory information to their position, they are lying.

Recently Google announced that they are adjusting their search engine algorithms to reduce the rank of any website that publishes information that is “Not True”.  The result of this will be that any information that contradicts “Official” versions on ANY topic will be difficult to find.    Think about it.  If a website like Foodbabe publishes information showing how GMO or processed food is bad for you, that website will be demoted in ranking and may not appear in the first half dozen pages of results.  Why because the FDA has already declared that GMO, and chemical food additives are “safe”.  Since only one can be telling us the truth and FDA represents the government, the information from http://www.Foodbabe.com/ must be buried.

In our complex world of rapid fire information, most of us intellectually realize that some of the information presented to us are lies.  What most of us have a hard time accepting and understanding who exactly is lying to us.  The world view that we have been given from our teachers in school and the television broadcasts have told us that we should believe only the information from “Approved” sources.  Most people never think about it and certainly if something on Fox news, NBC, or CNN is broadcast we accept it as true without a second thought.  Now however we see clear moves to suppress and remove contradictor information.  This should be a red flag that also reveals who is being dishonest with us.

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