Quote 3-11-2015

Quote of the Day:

When people in high office speak of doing something for “The Greater Good”, what they really mean is that they believe they are the “Greater” and action is for their “Good”.

About the Quote:

At some point in the last century, Americans came to accept the concept of the “Greater Good” believing that it meant the action was for the good of a greater number of people beyond ourselves.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.   One of the hardest things for the regular person to get past is the fact that there is a whole class of humans that not only believe they are better than us, but that we are not much more then farm animals to them.  They care not for any of the suffering that the average person goes through.  This is not just a factor of hearts the lack compassion, but rather a lifelong education process that they receive apart and very different from our own.

Law Makers and Big Business Leaders either already belong to this class or strive to become a member.  Laws, policies, and government initiatives all go to support the interests of these elite, and the only thought the give to common person is how to keep them under control.

The “Greater Good” manipulation point is normally used when they wish common people to voluntarily give up one or more points of their liberty.  Most generally these request are at best only 60%-80% effective with a significant part of the population who see beyond the words and refuse to give up their rights.  News casts, TV shows, written advertisements, etc. will paint the picture at how “Selfish” those who refuse to give up a liberty for the “Greater Good” are.  This drive to turn popular opinion against those that won’t cooperate is highly effective because most people are emotionally too weak to stand against popular opinion.  Soon the common man is loudly calling for the Government to “do something about” those individuals who refuse to give up this particular liberty.  The Government is all too happy to step in and create a law that now ensures they and the elite have gotten what they sort to begin with.

As a free minded people we must always say no to any law for the “Greater Good” because if it is good for them, it will be bad for us.

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