Quote 3-6-2015

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Check your thinking… If you find that you take part in a conversation about making people do something because you feel they should, then you have become a tool of tyranny.

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Never once in human history has the forced compliance of group of people against their will resulted in anything but an increase in human misery.  Yet generation after generation the ruling class has initiated programs of compliance to force populations into a behavior pattern that suites their personal agendas. As a freedom loving people we should without question be opposed to programs of forced compliance, yet if pause for a moment and evaluate ourselves honestly, we will see that we openly discuss the implementation of these “rules” without a second thought.  We participate in many forced compliance programs with some examples being: Making English mandatory, Removal of guns from the hands of citizens, forced vaccinations on those who elect not to receive them, forcing other cultures to change their religious and family structure, even what breed of dog people may own.

One of the effective ways of getting a population of free people to accept force compliance upon themselves is to make them participants into the programs.  By allowing someone a “say” in what a compliance program should do, that person by default understands that they also MUST comply with the dictates of any forced compliance program regardless if in agreement or not.  Regardless of how a person feels about ANY issue, a free individual respects the right of other free individuals to not only disagree, but to exercise their point of view.

The moment you give acceptance to the concept that you or someone else is better at determining what is good for another individual or group then the individual or group, you are also giving acceptance to the concept that someone else can be better then you to determine what is good for you.  You have now become a tool for the ruling class to use in the curtailing of liberties for all.

The truth is the ruling class never really provides the average citizen with anything more than an illusion that they have a say in the direction of the forced compliance.  However it is this illusion that buys your compliance with the forced directives that are applied to you.   Force compliance can only occur with the consent of those who are being forced.  By accepting the illusion that you are a participant you are also give your consent to be a victim of force compliance.

Just because you agree with the action the directive is mandating doesn’t justify the act of limiting liberties.  As a free person, you need to fight against any action that limits the liberties of anyone to have free choice.

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