Quote 3-9-2015


Those with the spirt of Independence, Exploration, and Invention once held the greatest place of honor for American’s. Today Americans hold those same people in contempt.  Do you Honor Freedom or Compliance?

About the Quote:

Once American’s were a free minded people that honored free minded actions in others.  However we have been accepting forced compliance from our masters for so long we have forgotten that there is another way to view the world and ourselves.  Over time we have slowly accepted the concept of the “Greater good” and now look down on any who dare to act or think independently.

When we are presented with a case for “Greater Good” we never ask ourselves who’s is this greater good.  Most assume what is meant is a good for the greater number of people; however they fail to realize that what this means phrase really means is for the good of those that have declared themselves greater than the rest of us.

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