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The purpose and goal of this website is the elimination of human suffering. A very lofty goal I know, but if you believe in something you should also aim for it, even if it seems out of reach.  Life without needless suffering is something I think we all can certainly believe in.

When I first launched DragonTamers several years ago I of course realized that such a goal at best is so great as to be basically abstract. Originally I believed, as I think most people do, that the majority of human suffering has a number of causes that seems to be seated in the deep darkness of human nature.  However in that time since I have come to learn that evolution has given humanity a wide range of capabilities that when necessary can be called upon for survival.  Indeed one of these capabilities is extreme violence, but one is also extreme compassion.  The truth is that for most of humanity human nature is NOT one of a ruthless violence that is kept under control by civilization. Instead I began to understand that the wild uncivilized human is not a creature of violence and intolerance as we had been taught, but that these characteristics are acquired through education and social manipulation.

Yes humans are capable of great violence, just as most animals, just as our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. However nearly every one of us has had the opportunity to observe in person the behavior of the great aps when they are NOT in a constant danger and pressed for survival.  If we care to search, we can find a great number of video’s and written observations from naturalist on these same animals in the wild.  In all these information sources we find that the dominate nature expressed by apes to their fellow apes AND often to other animals is one of compassion and cooperation.  Compassion and cooperation are the dominate traits of human nature expressed in most non-manipulated situations.

Earlier I stated that extreme ruthless violence is not the nature of most of humanity, however since the dawn of civilized mankind, a new trait has emerged. Call it a negative mutation if you like, certainly this trait is a disadvantage in the long run.  This trait I speak of is the Sociopath’s inability to feel empathy for other humans.  This defect in likely manifested itself over and over again in human evolution, however since such a trait is counterproductive to the group, it was likely weeded out before the individual had grown to reproductive age.  This natural weeding out worked well until the dawn of civilization.  See once man started to become users of information, the Sociopath now had a tool they could use to survive.  Information manipulation enabled those with Sociopathic tendencies to both survive and thrive.  Later as populations grew and people formed larger groups, Sociopaths using information manipulation to create the illusion that we needed a hierarchy, of which they would in most cases naturally rise to the top because of their ruthless nature allowed them to do anything.

At some point in the distant pass, the Sociopaths began to believe that their defect made them “Better” than all other humans, indeed due to their inability to have empathy, they began to view normal humans as an inferior animal fit only to serve them. Having a basic understanding of genetic inheritance the Sociopaths began to organize themselves into “Royal” families.

As master manipulators of information, the Sociopaths created and imposed upon all others a view of reality that was based upon the illusion that some people are better than others. This view as the corner stone of the “Reality” was taught to and enforced, often time with violence, as the basic principle of which our current civilization is built upon.  With a basic principle that some people are better than others, every aspect of our lives becomes dedicated to proving and promoting the idea that we and our off spring are the “Better” ones. It is also the basis of all forms of discrimination, oppression, victimhood, slavery, objectification, and all other instances of human caused suffering.

In order for humanity to find peace, the members of the human race must first deprogram themselves from the lies and delusions they have been educated with so they can free their minds and hearts. Once free, a person can start to heal and learn who they really are.  People on this path will shed the physiologic chains on their hearts and their thinking so that they can adopt self-direction and determine their own path in life and stop living the one given to them to empowers those who call themselves our masters.

Here at DragonTamers are aids to help individuals first realize the truth that they are in a mind cage, then to help them deprogram the false reality created and provided by the elite. It can be a long journey, and certainly it will have heart ache, confusion, anger, and fear as the deprograming allows the truth behind the grand illusion to be revealed.  However at a certain point in the process, you will become free from the mind cage and serve the Sociopath elite no more.  Where does the journey end? Honestly I don’t know, indeed I don’t know if there is an end.  All I can say is with each breakthrough I make, I find greater peace and discover greater joy in the life around me. I cannot express in any understandable way to those who still in the mind cage how wonderful it is to exist with free thought and free imagination.

I welcome your questions and comment and wish you find great enlightenment in your journey.




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