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The purpose and goal of DragonTamers is nothing less than the elimination of human suffering.  If the words on this website can help just one person in the more than 7 billion on this planet find peace with themselves, then the effort will have been worth it.  Today, as throughout history, much of human misery is a result of the un-acknowledged control that human instinct has on our feelings, thoughts, and actions.

DragonTamers is about truth, honesty, and forgiveness.  It is about obtaining personal freedom from the things that potentially cripple our success and happiness, while learning to open our hearts and minds to our greater potential.  Through education, human behavior studies, and meditation, we hope to help people obtain understanding and acknowledgement how our instincts shape our feeling, our thinking, and guide our actions.  It is also about the understanding of how the environment, both real but more importantly how it is perceived by us causes and shapes the instinctive reactions our body feels.

Human misery, both large as the events of the Holocaust and as small as having a bad day are rooted in the influence of our instinctive reactions on our feelings, our thoughts, and both our conscience and un-conscience actions.  Through the understanding of the operation of the Perception, Instinct, Feeling, Thought, and Behavior (PIFTB) Cycle, one can start the journey to remove themselves as an agent of misery, obtain inner peace, and insulate themselves from the aspects of their moment to moment lives that bring sadness into their life.

This site is dedicated to discussions on this reality based philosophy.  Moving forward I hope to encourage deeply meaningful discussions on this topic and many more.  As I soon discovered the reaction folks have to these concepts varies from a welcome embrace, to being highly offended and very disturbed by it.  Still other may not even find it comprehensible.  Due to the sensitive nature of some discussions I would like to take a moment to be clear on were we stand on a few things:

  1. This is a philosophy – not a religion. While I expect discussions involving religious text to take place, comprehension and acceptance of the philosophy is separate from religion.  Data used to produce the postings on these pages has been acquired for the results of Human Behavior Studies, observations, historical references, and a great deal of questions.  Members of any religion are welcome, including the religion known as atheist.
  2. All Humans are equal.  While we certainly acknowledge and embrace the gift of the difference between male and female instinct and perception, we also acknowledge that neither is superior to the other.  We care nothing about the history of your conflicts with another racial, ethnic, or religious group, or if your religious text tells you that one gender is superior to another.  One of the truths we here at DragonTamers embraces is that perception of racial, gender, ethnic, or religious superiority holds no place in reality.
  3. Human misery is a result the PIFTB Cycle.  Failure to acknowledge the truth of this cycle results in flawed reasoning and flawed actions that can lead to more human misery.
  4. Knowledge and truth are neither good nor evil.
  5. Human action, even action resulting in extreme human misery is not a result of “Demons” or other “evil” super natural entities.  The truth is humans do not need super natural assistance to creating misery. We accomplish that by the embracing human instinctive reaction and rejecting intellectual reason.
  6. We are solely responsible for the choices and actions (or lack of actions) we take.



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