Real life – an object of our imagination

Real life – an object of our imagination

Life in the modern world can be very complex. Certainly much more complex than the life lead by our ancestors.  While it is true that day to day survival was certainly more challenging then it is for us now, life was less complex and had fewer rules to be concerned.  The truth is that the very fact that our ancestors were challenged daily for survival allowed them to keep their minds solidly rooted in real things.  This differs from today where we live a life style and exist in a mindset that are primarily constructs of our imagination.

As discussed in the RealitySculp Cycle, Reality for humans has two components. The first is Objective Reality Objects which can be described simply as things that can be detected by one or more of the five senses.  The other and more difficult to describe is Subjective Reality Objects.  These are items of our reality that only exist as a result of human awareness and do not exist outside of the human mind.  These are not merely items of our imagination, although that is where they all began their existence, but are items which structure our lives.  Subjective Reality Objects are Concepts constructed by human imagination but can feel anything but imaginary in our daily lives.

To really highlight the difference between the two types of reality, imagine that in an instant every human on earth just disappeared. The next day, earth is visited by extra-terrestrials who walk among all the items we left behind.  Assuming these aliens had 5 senses similar to humans, Objective reality objects would be the things left for them to find, while the majority of human life, our subjective reality, would have passed from the earth as did the creatures that created them.  This would include (but not be limited to) Law, Wealth, Social Class and Status, Religion, Racism, Sexism, Gender Identification, Politics, Nationalism, and much more.

Why is this important? Well because we have reached a critical point is history where the majority of human life, our hopes, dreams, worries, challenges, and accomplishments are all items of Subjective Reality. In general we are placing the highest importance on our Subjective Reality Constructs (SRCs) and a lesser importance on our Objective Reality. Humans in the civilized world seem to have forgotten the difference between these two and have begun to treat SRCs as if they are somehow real, unchangeable, and unavoidable. The major focus of human life is to obtain, navigate, and have successes in what are actually just constructs of human imagination.  These Subjective Reality Constructs or SRCs are taught to us from the very start of our lives by our parents, media, and education systems as if they are very real things.  How many times have you heard a statement like “The Company’s view on that is…” or “The Law doesn’t care if you don’t agree…”?  Think about it, a company can’t have a view, nor can the law have an opinion.  Both of these are just concepts born from the imagination of the human mind.  When we make these kinds of statements we are reinforcing the imaginary illusion that a company or the law are like intelligent living beings, and not an imaginary construct just documented on paper.

We need to realize that the idea that SRCs are real is a mindset, not a fact.

Take things like our Social Status, Nationalism, or Racism. We spend a huge amount of our energy on obtaining, maintaining and advancing our Social Status.  We all know what the phrase “We have arrived” means.  Since these things have names and we learn of them in school, they must be real, correct?  Well Pink Elephants and little green men have names too, and they came from the same place, the human imagination.  Should we waste decades of our life in the pursuit of them or engage in bloody conflicts of great destruction and death for them? No of course not… These SCRs nor Pink Elephants and little green men will not provide us with any kind of advantage over others.

That places things into perspective, doesn’t it? First some human dreams up a concept of imagination for the purpose of personal gain.  In many cases, these gains are to seek advantages over others.  Then someone disseminates the concept far and wide so that it can be implemented.  Many see the advantage such a concept has for them, so they support it.  In the end we have creations of imagination used to organize and incite populations to commit acts of hate and violence against one another following commands from someone in an imaginary position of authority.  This sounds a great deal like mass hysteria to me.

Before a person or a society can move forward to an advanced enlighten place of peace, they will need to accept that our current world is largely constructed of imaginary things. Since they are just constructs of our imagination, they are indeed no more real than the Pink Elephant.  Just as we need not pretend that a Pink Elephant is real just because everyone else says it’s real, we need not support illusions such as Social Class and Status, Religion, Racism, Sexism, Gender Identification, Politics, or Nationalism, which lead to the pursuit of wealth, creation of poverty, and acts of violence and war.  We need not waste our energies on these SRCs, robbing us of happiness and replacing it instead with stress and worry.

The danger of this mindset isn’t just limited to wasting our lives in the endless pursuit of something so intangible we cannot even rate it.  By subjecting ourselves to an imaginary world view, constructed and disseminated by others for their personal gain, we are voluntarily becoming their beasts of burden.  As a people, our ability to distinguish between illusion and reality has been so compromised that those at the top of this imaginary hierarchy regularly create fictional illusions which we take so seriously, we kill one another because of it.  Take the concepts of Racism or Sexism.  These concepts only exist because of other illusionary concepts such as racial and sexual superiority.  The superiority in those concepts comes from the illusionary concept of a hierarchy which is based upon yet another illusion that any one person or group of people can actually have more value than others.  If you follow the path of the SRCs of social status and class you will come back to the same illusionary root that some people have more value than others.  Value is a subjective term and only makes sense as an opinion from an individual point of view.  In the end, you have people hating and killing because of an object of imagination defined by someone’s opinion.  How insane is that?

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