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The following are my personal reviews of select books that are must for any educated and enlightened person.  These all should be required reading for high school and collage graduates.  Before we can end human suffering, we must understand those behind it and their motivations. Ironically our education system, media, news, and all official reports have provided us a mis-education on how world is ran, and who runs it.  The following titles will help transform your mis-reality and allow your eyes to be opened to the real world were we live.  The absence of knowing and understanding these basic facts have allowed the western world in general, and the United States in particular to voluntarily become puppets executing the death of human liberty & compassion.

The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: By John Perkins

John Perkins narrates the details of his recruitment into the CIA and his roll in the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) plan to economically enslave developing nations.  It give you an insight into the larger picture of empire building and world enslavement.  The facts detailed are in direct contradiction to the narrative taught in school and released in the main stream media.  A must read for those seeking the truth behind the narrative.

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War is a Lie: By David Swanson.

David Swanson take a deep look at the false “Justifications” used by the governments of the world, especially that United States, to incite citizens and win the approval for war. His in depth explanations reveal the true reason for war which are fought by the many for the profit of the few.  The reader gains an insight to minds of those who can start a war and send our children to die for the purpose of Corporate Profit. Over all a very good and eye opening read, however he does stop short of expressing the truth behind 9-11 the biggest “Manufactured Event” in recent history.  Despite this omission, this is an important look necessary for anyone wishing to understand how the world really operates behind the curtain.

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Black 9/11 Money, Motive and Technology: By Mark H. Gaffney

Mark Gaffney takes an in depth look at the misinformation and mis-investigation of the 9-11 “Manufactured Event”.  He demonstrates that even the most cursory of investigations would reveal that the official narrative of the events of Sept 11 were false and purposely misleading.  He investigates aspects of the shadow agencies funded better then most nations on the planet operate outside of the law without government or public oversight.  These revelations are important because they reveal the true purpose of the war without end that is being fought by our children and has cost the lives of millions of innocent victims, caused billions in damage, and created untold environmental damage.  A must for anyone who considers themselves educated and enlightened.

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Empire of Illusion – The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle: By Pulitzer Prize Winner Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges explains the dumbing down of the American People through the lowering of education standards, misinformation, and distraction to create a generation where the majority of Americans are incapable of comprehending anything of importance.  Media promoted glorification of impossible life styles of celebrities, pornography, sports and other tools of spectacle are used to both reshape our nations moral view point and to distract Americans from important issues.  This process has already left the majority of Americans ill equipped to comprehend the threats facing their liberty, health, and economic future.  This eye opener of a book revealed just how distracted even those who believe themselves to be open minded really are.

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No Body Died at Sandy Hook: By Jim Fetzer

This book was banned on Amazon due to the highly volatile facts it reveals. As a student of the Sandy Hook Manufactured event I thought I knew all the facts, however Jim Fetzer has consolidated an amazing amount of details, much only released through Freedom of Information laws that reveals never before seen photos and details.  He walks you through the photographic record of the event staging as the unused school and the Lanza Family Home were prepared for the FEMA drill.  Readers can finally understand why the disconnect on the dates from the various charity websites by reading the a copy of the actual FEMA Drill manual for the event. This work will certainly clear any doubt in the minds of even the most resistant that Sandy Hook was a poorly executed Manufactured Event (False Flag) created for political purposes.   The book can be downloaded for free at the link below.


The Real Problem with The World: By Eva C. Brzezinski

This short presentation is a easy to follow summary of the reality of the New World Order displays the controls put in place by those the exist outside of law and government that make everyone one of us a herd beast for their use.  The presentation also gives you easy tips in how you can resist this oppression.

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The Creature from Jekyll Island: G. Edward Griffin

With a title like this one you may think this about monsters, but it is actually about something far more frightening yet responsible for most of the tragedy  in our world today.  This book details the creation of the Federal Reserve and the lost of American sovereignty to the wealth elite.

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The Road to Serfdom: By F.A. Hayek

Originally published in 1944;when Eleanor Roosevelt supported the efforts of Stalin, and Albert Einstein subscribed lock, stock, and barrel to the socialist program;The Road to Serfdom was seen as heretical for its passionate warning against the dangers of state control over the means of production. For F. A. Hayek, the collectivist idea of empowering government with increasing economic control would lead not to a utopia but to the horrors of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.  That warning is even more relevant today.

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Breaking The Autism Code: Cindy Lang Walsh

Autism Spectrum Disorders are complicated. This is the breakthrough book to explain true autism awareness. This book will discuss whether vaccines are safe and effective, and vaccine ingredients. This book will explain why your dental amalgams are making you ill. It will describe the madness of Lyme disease, and why some people experience a change in personality with Lyme rage. This book details how the gut impacts your overall health. You will also read stories about hyperlexia, sensitivities, and hyperactivity, and synesthesia. It’s like autism for dummies. Cindy has felt all the pain herself and has had a gluten intolerance and mercury toxicity. Learn what that is, and what it feels like, so you can understand your child’s behavior. He may be trying to communicate. Please subscribe to my blog


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