The World of Picture Cards

The World of Picture Cards

The alarm sounds in the morning and we start our day. As we prepare for the day our minds race with both the things we look forward to as well as those things we dread.  Maybe the big meeting where we will have the chance to show everyone what we are made of excites us, or dread of the commute in the bad weather has us down.  For better or worst these are just the reality of life, right?  Or is it?  To really understand that question, we need to understand exactly what reality is.  Ironically the comprehension of what is real and what is manufactured is increasingly more difficult for the average person to determine.  But why is that?  Well the truth is that the younger generations have been ill equipped by the state approved education to even understand a basic definition of reality.

In the world view held by most of us, taxes, bills, mortgages, career, what gifts to get, and our social standing dominate our thoughts. To most of us, these are the reality of the world we live in, and who am I to disagree?  However, I need to ask, what kind of reality do these things belong to?

Class is in session. The total of all of our existence is comprised of the two forms of reality.  Yes, I said two.  The first is what is known as objective reality, and is made of all those things that you can detect with your five senses and is most often described using objects, but in fact is much more. These include not only the objects and sounds we can see, hear, and touch, but the events we witness with our own senses.  Objective reality is a construct of physics and exists outside of our minds, indeed is not influenced by our thoughts or opinions.  The other form of reality is known as subjective reality, and is all those things that exist within the human mind.  Earlier I mentioned several things dominating the thoughts while getting ready for work.  Things like taxes, bills, mortgages, career and social status are constructs of subjective reality.  Indeed, this is why they are called Subjective Reality Constructs (SRCs).  SRCs can seem very much like objective reality because they seem to have more influence on our lives than actual objective reality.

To understand this, imagine if you can that tomorrow when you wake, every other human on earth was gone. It doesn’t matter how or why they are gone just that they are and you are now alone.  As you embrace this image, ask yourself what exists and what is gone forever.  Using the first item on my list, taxes. Well the legal entity of the privately owned Federal Reserve is a SRC, that owes its existence to other SRCs like Law and the financial system.  The financial system is also based upon the SRC we know as money. After all, the Federal Reserve Note is created out of air.

When you take a few moments to really think about it, it begins to become clear that nearly all the thoughts and concerns we have all day are about SRCs. Should people have a clear understanding of the differences between subjective and objective reality, they would come to understand that their entire lives are about constructs.  Yes, Subjective Reality Constructs, but still constructs that only actually exist within the minds of people. We live and die pursing, constructing, and obeying SRCs.  The world elite status is another SRC.  Perhaps this why the official education system and the mass media education system really down play the differences between objective and subjective reality.  This makes it difficult for the average person to understand the difference between what they witness in person and what they are presented to witness on TV, and most critically why that difference is important.

Why is it important to understand these concepts? Well let’s circle back to “Puppets on a String” available on Dragontamers and Isnare.  We are human beings, and as a human, consciousness with free thought are our birth right.  Without these things we become nothing more than a beast of burden, an animal for use by the world elite.  When we allow someone to confuse us with misinformation and miseducation we deny ourselves of our birth right and degrade ourselves in the most inhumane way possible.

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