What we do every night Pinky!

What we do every night Pinky!

Part I – As published:

If you recognize the title, then the likelihood is you have had a few laughs over the subject of our mad genius “Brain” trying to take over the world.  It is somewhat unexpected that we would find humor in a subject that taken on face value should not be funny at all.  Perhaps it is the sheer absurdity of that act of taking over the world that we all understand at some deep level, or maybe it is because we all feel you cannot be playing with a “full deck” shall we say if you wish to take over the world.  I have noticed that most of us today automatically equate “taking over the world” and insanity; that just maybe because there is a degree of truth to that association. 

I am not sure if there has just been more publicity on the topic lately; however I have ran into more than my fair share of conspiracy theories of one group or another trying to take over the world.  Whenever I read one of these articles or see a documentary on the subject, the theme song to the above referenced cartoon starts playing in my head. “What we do every night Pinky…”  But all kidding aside, recently I have run into article, after news report, after documentary after… well you get the point, on the Bilderberg group and their plans to take over the world.  If you have not heard of them, the Bilderberg Group, named after the hotel where they held their annual secret meetings, is made up of the World’s richest and most powerful.  These reports I am referring to indicate that the Bilderberg Group is plotting and planning to create a new world order (which is actually the old one – you know lords and peasants), circumvent all our humans rights, and enslave the masses (Sounds like a late night Science Fiction movie).  Many have even linked the advancement of NAFTA and the Boston Marathon bombing to the activities of Bilderberg Group. But is there really any substance to these claims?

 Well I do not claim to be an expert on the Bilderberg Group, nor do I have any contacts on the “inside” telling me what they are planning, but I would be very surprised if they are NOT planning and in fact trying to execute something like that.  Why?  Because they cannot help themselves, it is instinctual.  Take a look at the article pages for the “Human Herd Organization” and the “Nobility Instinct” posted on the website for Dragon Tamers for more details.  After reading these it should come as no surprise that the rich and powerful are seeking to… well become even more rich and powerful.  To those who see themselves as would be masters of our world, it is their right to do so because after all in their own minds it belongs to them already. 

We at Dragon Tamers call this the Nobility Instinct which is one of the four companion instincts that guide human group behavior.  The Nobility instinct drives a person to seek that safety and power of the “Inner Circle” of the tribe.  It has an emotional success feedback loop for humans that result in the more power one obtains; the more they NEED to continue to obtain additional power.  That is the problem when you are dealing with human instinct, the instincts and the drives do not really have any sort of well… off switch.  We are constantly driven to follow our instinctive drives for as long as we can. To not do so actually causes emotional distress that can escalate to some pretty radical levels.  The issue is these drives exist regardless of our actual position in life.  In the case of the Nobility instinct, imagine if someone is already wealthy and controls vast numbers of people, maybe a nation, so what’s next?  Would they consider trying to become absolute master of every other human alive?  What if the world elite have organized into a single group dedicated to controlling the world, can they pull it off?  Interesting questions, see because the likelihood is they have already taken control of key areas of government.

If the World Elite have banned together to take over the world, can they do it?

Part II – Continued

The short answer is no, at least not permanently. There are a number of reasons why.  First, every human alive today has tasted the sweetness of civilized life, especially the very wealthy. To return to a system as described by many to be the vision of the Bilderberg group, means returning to a life as it existed during the dark ages.  Personally I do not see the world’s elite giving up electrical power, indoor plumbing with hot showers and flushing toilets, flat screen TVs, yachts, and fine automobiles to name a few things. The reality is these products of our modern world, and our high quality of life, can only be maintained and advanced by a labor force that is educated and technologically capable.  A system of Lords and Peasants as it existed in the past could not provide for these high technology wonders.  Ignorant Peasants could never operate, maintain, build new, or advance the very infrastructure that is necessary to provide this quality of life. 

This would create a “Catch 22” situation for our newly self-appointed Despots.  The educated and technologically capable labor force required to provide them with today’s quality of life would make very difficult slaves to control, remember the elite do not have an exclusive on the nobility instinct..  Additionally our Despot’s very survival as well as their high quality way of life would be dependent on the cooperation of this labor force (Sounds like a chink in the armor to me).

Next the very nature of the Nobility instinct is one where its success will be its own undoing. See the Nobility instinct will not just go away because they succeeded in taking over the world and enslaving the masses.  Consider this, if a group of people did band together and succeed in taking over the world, who among this group gets to be in charge?    Any successful attempt to take over the world would result in just another “Circle” composed of humans who instinctively all wish to be in charge.  Even if this group implemented some agreement of a hierarchy, it would not be long before one or more would no longer honor it.  Moving further into the future, what will happen when the next generation born with a silver spoon in their mouth comes along?  Will the children of the New World Order respect an agreement made by a previous generation?  If history is any indicator (and I think it is) the answer to that would be a resounding no.

Those reading this article may right now be thinking that if the Bilderberg group is real, then perhaps their plan is doomed to failure in the long term.  In that regard, you would be correct, but that does mean there is no need to be concerned?  Fact is history is just filled with would be Despots! Some like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin who had an eye on taking over the world, while other like Idi Amin & Pol Pot destroyed whole generations, with mass murder and fear within a single country.  In every one of these cases, the Despots reign eventually came to an end, but look at suffering that took place before it ended.  Every attempt to take control of the world or vast territory has always resulted in massive death and human suffering, yet not in one case has humanity been advanced by these attempts.

It is time humans started acknowledging the power our instincts have over our thoughts and actions.  Only by acknowledgement of the PIFTB Cycle can we hope to ever “detach” our intellect from our animal instincts and achieve personal freedom.  The only path that promises to put an end to the cycle of human suffering is one where humans use intellect and reason, not feelings, to make choices and decisions.  As for the Bilderberg Group, if they are embracing their instinct and trying to take over the world, they will soon discover that humans cannot embrace our deep human instincts and NOT have a life controlled by them.

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