MVote – The Truth of Economic Power

In these days of rapidly eroding civil liberties where everything from the right to bear arms, to free speech, the right of assembly, and even to question our government leaders is under attack, it seems to many that the land of the free will soon be a footnote in history. Speaking of history, one of the interesting points that it teaches us is that government only exists with the consent of the governed.  In old Europe this consent was drawn from the people with religious programing and a concept called “Divine Right”, where to stand against your king was to the same as defying the word of God.  Times have changed and people now place their intellectually and spiritually faith in science, leaving no room to accept the belief that someone was granted the right to rule by God.  To compensate from the loss of Divine Right consent to rule is often drawn from the people by use of fear, psychological programing physiological assaults, misinformation, but most all by creating a false illusion of self-government that obscures the fact that we are not our own true masters.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Those aware can feel helpless to resist the flow toward this manufactured future of Despotism; however there are tools at our disposal that free minded individuals can leverage against any force. Remember consent is actually cooperation.  The masses must cooperate with the will of government, otherwise that will actually has no meaning.  The words of “Authorities” are just noise in the background unless the masses endorse that authority.  So it should come as no surprise that the real tools of Freedom are all centered on self-reliance and self-determination.  While tyranny relies on fear created belief in the need of protection, debt & dependency, perceived insufficiency, and divided populations,.

One set of actions in particular that is also perhaps the single most powerful tool of self-determination and self-reliance that the common American has is the MVote.  This term that is beginning to surface around the internet literally means voting with your money.  The concept described is one where as individuals we determine the course of national and even world events by making conscience and select choices with what we do with our money.

While it is true that the wealth of individuals, corporations, and even nations can be measure in the dollar value of the assets they own, economic power can only be expressed in the trade of goods and services, or the spending of money.  Think of it like a video, wealth is a one use only copy of the video sitting on a DVD; however it is only when that DVD is played that it will have any power to influence. Like the DVD, wealth only has influence when it is used.  The volume and direction of the flow of wealth or how the members of a society choose to spend, save, invest, and park their wealth determines the economic direction.  This direction is determined by hundreds of millions or even billions of financial transactions made daily.  While it is true that the world elite, otherwise known as the 1 percent, control more than 98 percent of the worlds wealth, because their numbers are so few their spending actually represent only a small fraction of the volume of financial transactions, and thus only a very small part of the economic power.  It is this volume of financial transactions that translates into economic power; and it is economic power that permits, or prohibits who is in power.

The wealthy are few in number and can never despite all their wealth purchase enough goods or services to even make a ripple in the tides and flows created by the common consumer.  The free choice nature of economic power creates considerable financial risk to big centralized business and the power of big centralized government by placing them at the mercy of the will of the people.  At the same time it provides a clear advantage to the small local businesses and empowers local governments that are close to and made up of the people, while placing the will of the Government or Corporate agendas at a disadvantage.

The world’s wealthiest elite and their partners in Government understand this fact very well.  History has taught them that even legal and physical control imposed upon the masses cannot control this flow for long.  Sooner or later the human instinct for self-determination and self-reliance will overcome fear of Authority and even fear of injury and death; in other words forced enslavement is never a success for the slave owners in the end. This is especially true when the slave population is both the source of labor and the source of the wealth, or both the producers and consumers.  Understanding that forced cooperation ultimately always fails, the New World Order of the elite, the large corporations they own, and their partners in government have deployed new tools and new illusions to obtain and maintain the cooperation of the people by the choice of the people.  Naturally no one would willingly sign up for economic slavery and the elimination of their human rights; however people will support systems of apparent economic security and protection from violence.  In order to accomplish this, the world elite have partnered with government to engineer a complex menagerization to control the world view of the masses.  Using misinformation, miseducation, infusion of drugs, manufactured enemies, manufactured illnesses, and discrediting of dissenting voices; a new but false reality or world view is created within the minds of the masses. Holding control over the world view of the people, one also controls the opinions and ultimately the economic and political choices that people make.  With this control, the masses provide the consent that the corporate/government partnership needs to exist.

In a perfect system, this control of false reality would be perfect and complete.  As I covered in the article “Puppets on a String” Government and Industry spend huge amounts of money and effort to engineer the choices people make.  However nothing is perfect, and it is especially difficult to generate, then maintain a menagerization justifying the actions of exploitation to the exploited. Sooner or later the support of the people will gravitate away from laws and policies that harm them, as surely as they move away from the flames of a huge fire.  Even with our many modern laws punishing non-compliance to exploitation, the suffering of exploitation will drive the exploited to make different choices.  This is where the MVote comes in.

To understand how the MVote works, understand that what people do with their wealth is really making a choice of what they are funding.  For example, do you choose to fund deadly food sources and out sourcing of jobs to foreign nations with the purchase of processed food, or do you fund empowerment of local farmers and jobs with the purchase of local fresh and organic foods? Do you favor self-checkout and the downsizing of groceries store employees, or do you make it a point to use a staffed checkout line, thus supporting employment?  To comprehend the MVote is too embrace the responsibility people have to know and understand where the products they purchase come from. It is also the ultimate power of non-cooperation we have because we can starve the funding from the things we oppose while funding the ideals we hold dear.  Americans have the power to bring our industries home, shut down manufacturers of poisonous food, and even defund the current police state of the New World Order.

People, however, can only make intelligent choices if they know the whole truth.  The responsibility of finding out the truth sits squarely on our shoulders.  Our empowerment begins with the acceptance of the truth that the Corporate/Government partnership will only provide information and education that supports a view that server their best interests. Our road to freedom begins with understanding that the masters of this world see us only as resources and care not in the least for our well-being.  But the truths of reality are there for those with the courage to seek it out.  They are often hidden in plain sight, or tucked away in all the places the authorities tell you not to look and not to trust.   So get informed, understand what you are doing with your wealth and remember how you choose to spend, save, invest, and park every cent you own makes a difference in our world and for our future.

Every financial choice is a vote – Vote for the world you want to see. MVote with every dollar you own.

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