Free Thought Series

Dragontamers is dedicated to the end of Human misery.  Free Thinkers everywhere have begun to realize that the root cause of the tragedies of Human life is the separation of Reason from Human existence.  Reason is the gift that separates the species Homo Sapiens from all other animals; indeed it is what makes us truly Human and not an animal.  Despite what we have been taught in the “education” system, Reason and Free Thought are the natural state of the Human mind.

In our world we see examples over and over of what many call acts of evil. While I hesitate to use this word due to the mystical overtones, it is well understood.  The best way I can describe evil is as irrational behavior, which while accurate, lacks the psychological force to cover the horrific deeds we see humans doing to each other.  Yet it is indeed the departure of Reason from our actions that allow these acts of evil to take place.

Because Reason and Free Thought always results in rational actions, it is impossible to control or enslave rational people.  Only once Reason is driven from the individual can the person be controlled and directed into irrational behavior.  So it has been the objective of irrational people, mentally ill with the drive for power and control, to seek to drive Reason from the masses of humanity.

Human intelligence is composed of three major components that function together to support consciousness.  There have been many different ways of describing them, but for the purpose of these posts we will break them down as:

  1. Right Brain Activities
  2. Left Brain Activities
  3. Emotional Controls

The Right Brain is the Strategic center of the brain and functions in concepts.  It is the place where seemingly disconnected pieces of information are connected and order is created out of the chaos of the massive amounts of information a human receives.  This the place the where ideas are born, creative connections are made, and comprehension of data is accomplished.

The Left Brain is the Tactical center of the brain and supports Right Brain activities through detailed linear and logical thought.  This is the place where information is logically analyzed and the detailed steps for a course of action are determined.  It is important to understand that the left brain can only provide consciousness with the results of logical analysis or map out the detailed steps necessary to accomplish a course of action.  Interpretation and comprehension of the analysis as well as the choice of objectives for an individual take place in right brain activities.

Emotional Controls are in a word the feelings of a person.  Feelings, as detailed in the DPIFTB Cycle, result from instincts that evolved and successfully supported human activity for hundreds of thousands of years.  In a very real way these emotions are critical to rational thinking because they provide our sense of moral behavior.  Actions that are harmful to our species are instinctively distasteful and traumatic us, while actions that over time benefit our species are instinctively desirable and pleasant.  These feelings are processed, equal in weight to logical analysis provide by the left brain, as concepts by the right brain.

These three pillars support a healthy and effective consciousness, however they are subservient to consciousness itself and can be suppressed by choice or training.  It is important to understand that Reason is a product of Free Thought.  However Free Thought can only exist in a health and effective consciousness, and a health and effective consciousness can only be present when standing on firmly on the three pillars.  Suppression of one or more of the three pillars always results in the loss of Reason.  Those desiring power and control have long since known this and have sort to disable Reason in those they wish to control.

As Humans, we are wonderful and fantastic creatures, however we are not perfect.  One short coming we have is that many ways exist to attack and disable each one of the three pillars.  These attacks have been sort and discovered by the mentally ill who are driven to control.  These attacks center around a few key areas, and most can be over come once we have positive knowledge of these attacks and elect to protect ourselves from them.

  1. Distraction – Continuous and endless tasks with short or immediate dead lines take priority in our attention and leave us mentally exhausted.  Force fed entertainment on devices that place us in a mild hypnotic state are nearly impossible for an exhausted mind to resist.  This creates a distracted mental state leaving no mental energy for observation or contemplation of the world around us.
  2. Education and information control.  These attacks are effective in limiting what information is both received and accepted as well as directing how that information is processed.  This ensures faulty results from left brain activities and well as faulty emotional responses to information.
  3. Concept Control – As mentioned before, the right brain works with concepts, not details.  In a real sense, our imagination, creativity, and conscious thought are actually limited by the concepts we have defined and understand.  By removing key concepts from human knowledge by either hijacking their true meaning or never introducing them to children to begin with you eventually will create a population of limited imagination and reasoning ability. If you add select concepts that would not normally exist in this mixture you can engineer a population that is only capable of thought and conclusions within an engineered and well defined world view.
  4. Over stimulation of select instincts.  As detailed in the DPIFTB Cycle, instinctive responses to stimulus are feelings.  Constantly over stimulating select instincts disables emotional controls because the right brain only receives select emotional information.  Most attacks center on the following:
    1. Our sense of self worth – This constantly stimulates the human herd instinct and over time destroys our sense of belonging and connection with others. This results in a constant feeling of isolation and distrust.
    2. Survival – Worry, uneasiness, no sense of safety, fear, terror, and trauma, both physical and emotional, create constant stimulation of our preservation instinct.  This stimulation keeps people in a constant state of mild panic.
    3. Sexual – The endless flow of sexual images and situations creates a mild level but constant state of arousal.  This results in an endless state of sexual frustration that is always demanding attention to be satisfied.

All of the posts within this section will address the topics described above.  It is critical that we take the following actions:

  1. Identify and remove distractions from our lives.  We must find quite time to think, ponder and feel.
  2. Accept that what we have been taught is only what someone else wants us to accept as knowledge.  Seek out truths, learn to identify lies, open our minds and hearts to those around us.
  3. Identify and define missing concepts. Redefine hijacked concepts to their natural state.  Remove unnatural and destruction concepts from our World View.
  4. Identify the sources of over stimulation of instincts and remove them from your life.  In the peace that follows learn how to feel again and embrace honest emotion within your life.

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