Is There Something Else Going On Here?

Do you sometimes get the sense that a lot more is taking place in a given situation then what appears on the surface? Have you ever found yourself suddenly an outsider in a given group, such as work, church, or other social groups?  Have you ever been angry about how your social “betters” would climb the ladders of success at work, getting raises and promotions while you just receive more work? 

I have a different question, have you ever been having a good day at work when suddenly the mood of the office just “changes” for no apparent reason?  Lastly, why do people drive the way they do?

The fact is that there is a lot more going on below the surface.  Humans are a complex and dynamic creature that functions both conscious and unconsciously.  We are constantly sending and receiving signals to those around us, reacting to the signals we receive and the actions of those around us.  Our actions and reactions are most often automatic and without intellectual input.

There is no doubt that humans are at the top as far as being the most intellectual capable animal on the planet.  But are humans at the top of their game intellectually?  Another question to consider is why are humans this intelligent anyway? Since many species of animals that have existed for millions of years, virtually unchanged, such as sharks and crocodiles, tends to be on the low end of the IQ scale.  Humanity has existed for just a fraction of that time, and already many believe that humans are the biggest threat to human survival; but that is a discussion for another time.

It is important to understand that the human brain, like many things we see across nature came about as an additional feature, not a replacement to pervious natural survival traits.  Science shows us that the human brain is divided into three different sections, one built upon the other.  The lowest part of the brain is also the most primitive.  It should come as no surprise then that this section of brain also manages the basic automatic functions of our bodies, such as breathing, blood pressure, hormone balance, etc.

I want to also point out that these functions are extremely important to our continued survival still to this day.

So this story really begins back when the only living things on earth were single celled organisms.  At the time ALL life activity was purely chemical in nature.  As cells advanced, they developed the ability of limited motion, even the ability to hunt other organisms.  These organisms obviously did not possess any type of nervous systems and no intelligence to guide their behavior.  It is also obvious that any organism that did not participate in life reinforcing activities, that is activities that either enhanced survival such as finding food or did not threaten survival such as avoiding being eaten, soon passed away as evolutionary dead ends.  As life evolved and became more capable, in lock step with these enhanced capabilities controls need to evolve that kept the actions of individuals of the species limited to only preforming life reinforcing activities. After all if every individual in a species just performed random actions, that species would soon perish.  As I mentioned, since life at this time was far too primitive to have a nervous system, these controls needed to be bio-chemical in nature.  So from earliest of time, levels bio-chemicals and primitive hormones controlled the behavior of life.

As life became more capable, more mobile, developing nervous systems capable of receiving external information through the creature’s senses, and more importantly capable of processing this information and making decision, the greater the need to ensure that the individuals continued to practice life reinforcing activities became to the survival of the species.  This resulted in the evolution of very strong, nearly irresistible controls we observe in animals today.  Actions that animals take without conscious thought are called instincts.  Instinct is enough in a world that doesn’t change, but as we all know, life and the world at large does change.  Other species invade your territory, environmental changes, etc.  It stands to reason that species that develop superior processing capabilities that support life reinforcing activities have a survival advantage.  The key here is to understand the importance of maintaining these life reinforcing activities as over time the life form gains the ability to choose NOT to.  This is all a part of the Perception, Instinct, Feeling, Thought, and Behavior (PIFTB) Cycle which runs our lives from moment to moment.   

At Dragon Tamers we examine and explain this and a whole lot more of what is driving us as humans.  I invite you to take some time visit, you may be surprised at what you find.  This is not simply the bases of reading some body language, or a method of projecting oneself for success.  Nor is this some website trying to sell you a “10 step process” valued at $150.00 but if purchase now, you can get the complete program and two free bonus gifts for $39.95!  No, Dragon Tamers is a total free posting where we take a deep look at the natural processes of human life and how they affect our feeling, thoughts, moods and actions.  I will be honest from the start and let you know that there are marketing promotions on the site. However you will quickly see they are just vendor advertisements that have nothing to do with Dragon Tamers.  Their purpose is to keep us funded, so please if you do see something that you like, purchase it via our link and Dragon Tamers will receive the commission. 

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