The Realitysculp Cycle

The Realitysculp Cycle

In the absence of information people will seek to fill that absence anyway they can. Sometimes this information is born from baseless speculation, other times the source is a result of diligent research.  In either case, those in authority can ill afford to allow this to occur if they wish to maintain control. – Invisible Reality 2015

There is not a person alive that would enjoy the notion that their actions, behavior, and least of all that their very thoughts could be manipulated to the point of control. Yet here we are at the beginning of the 21st century and universally human liberty is at the lowest it has been in all of recorded history.  Many may put this article aside as absurd because it contradicts the years of education, television programs, and political doctrine they have received.  For those who dare, reading on maybe the most significant event of their new lives. Why? Because our world is upside down.  The concepts that I intend to demonstrate to the reader is that nearly every “truth” of relevance in our world is opposite of what the average person believes to be true.

Over the last few years I have read the works of many Truthers who are further ahead on this road of discovery, and many have fantastic insights to share. Most Truthers attempt to awaken the sleeping masses by shocking them with facts that contradict the currently and generally accepted world views, however while this works sometimes, in most cases it fails miserably. These attempts were well written and logically organized, but often fell short of helping others comprehend the world as it really is.  I quickly realized that the issue was twofold.  The first one is a lack of “conceptiveness” within the general population.  Conceptiveness can best be expressed as a receptiveness to seek understanding of new concepts.   This differs from the common expression of being open minded whose meaning has been hijacked by the propagandist and twisted.  Today the meaning of being open minded is to be an individual that readily embraces outrageous life style changes handed to them by those in charge without application of critical thought or the use of judgement.  Conceptiveness on the other hand demands the application of critical thought AND the use of judgement in the evaluation of new concepts. The second issue being one of an individual’s Reality Scope.  A person is unable to process and comprehend information that is outside of the limits or scope of their reality.  This fact, as I will show you later, is also leveraged as a means of controlling the population.

Reality Scope can be best described as the sum of all knowledge and concepts known to or imaginable by an individual. Please note that it is the knowledge of and ability to imagine concepts, not the agreement with these concepts that places it within the scope of an individual’s reality.  As stated earlier, it is impossible for a person to process and comprehend information that is outside of the limits or scope of their reality.  So when a person is presented with information outside their reality scope, they are faced with a choice.  The choice to expand the scope of their reality in an attempt comprehend the information, or to ignore the information and apply their attention elsewhere.  This choice is made based upon the perceived value it will have to the individual making the choice.  However as this discussion will show, what an individual perceives as valuable is based upon their world view or in other words the total of their understanding of reality.  Furthermore this discussion will show that the world views of the masses are “given” to them through an education system and mass media owned by a few whose goal it is to rule.  So the challenge of Reality Scope is really one of showing that this knowledge and understanding has great value to an individual when the individual exists within a world view designed to discredit the value of any thinking along this path.  Indeed, at a deep level, individuals comprehend that following this path will be uncomfortable at best and potentially very dangerous.

Mindcage – A state of physiological existence that limits a mind’s imagination, intellectual, and spiritual development to a scope deemed useful to authorities.

Mindfree – A state of physiological existence that recognizes and accepts the reality of authorities and self-imposed mindcages and has chosen to seek to expand their mind’s imagination, intellectual and spiritual development scope without limits or boundaries.

While our personal liberty or free will is of upmost importance to all of us, very few have the slightest awareness that these things have been stolen from us long ago. This is primarily due to the lack of comprehension of the majority of the population that mindcages exist, and those that basically do understand that, fail to understand that it applies to them. It is because of this realization; I have elected to focus my efforts in a different direction then others Truthers.  I have committed myself to the journey of Mindfree and have attempted to document the details of discovery so that others can hopefully benefit from this experience.

Before you can escape from a mindcage, you must first accept the truth that you are indeed locked in one.   Only with the acceptance that psychological controls and locks exist with the purpose of placing humans into a mindcage, as well as the understanding of how this prison functions, can a human ever ensure that they are never controlled.  Self-evident as this statement is, when it comes to protecting and preserving our free will, most Americans seem to have decided that such tasks would be better left to people whose hearts lust for wealth and power. Think about it, we all know that in reality not everyone can become president.  It takes a tremendous amount of financial backing and a certain type of personality to dedicate oneself to obtain such a position of power.  However, the average American believes that someone who obtains hundreds of millions of dollars of funding from industry and the wealthy individuals who own them would somehow come to the White House with the best interests of the average citizen as their priority.  Do people really believe the wealthy and industry leaders are fools?  Would you donate huge amounts of your money to someone that will later cut your income or regulate how you live your day to day life?  This is the first example of the world upside down.  Most Americans believe they live in a Democratic society, and those with some awareness believe we live in a Republic.  However in both cases, the irrational concept that dominates is that the candidates selected and supported by the wealth elite work for the “people” and not those who paid to place them in office.

What is more important to consider is why would a concept that has such a clear and total break from reality be accepted by the majority of Americans as truth? Why do Americans generally consider anyone who raises such questions or those individuals who seek to safe guard their privacy and control their own free will as somehow being mentally ill?  The answers to these questions are simple, because those attitudes and viewpoints are useful to the ruling elite.

If a person was to be concerned about obtaining and retaining their personal free will then what they need to do is to learn the mechanics of the human process that turns the data or information we receive into the actions we take. “Free Thought” is at the heart of all “Freedom”, without this a human is a slave to the desires of another person and condemned to life in a mindcage.  While our wild human ancestors enjoyed free thought as naturally as breathing air, in our modern world we have been born into a hierarchy where we have been “educated” to believe the ideas and ideals of others are our own.  To become free, we must first accept the truth that we exist within a mind cage, then must learn how to regain control and safe guard our mental processes so that the thoughts we have and the actions we take are indeed our own.

Originally, I called the complex process that takes information input and turns it into our thoughts and actions the Perception, Instinct, Feelings, Thoughts, and Behavior (PIFTB) cycle. However, time and experience has shown me that the cycle really begins with the information we receive. Humans, similar to animals, live to a large extent in a reactionary manner.  What this means is that our daily existence is one of receiving a constant stream of data inputs from the five senses and through the PIFTB cycle this data received results in attitudes and actions, or more accurately, reactions to the data received.  While this statement implies that, to a certain extent, humans appear to be slaves to the data they are fed, especially in circumstances that require an immediate reaction, knowledge of the cycle and application of critical thought places us in control.

Moving forward this process Data, Perception, Instinct, Feelings, Thoughts, and Behavior (DPIFTB) cycle will be known as the Realitysculp Cycle.   Understanding the Realitysculp Cycle is critical because the cycle can be purposely influenced with great effectiveness at several points.  The knowledge necessary to influence this cycle has been a hot topic of study for the wealthy elite, corporations, governments and their social engineers for many decades.  Only by being equipped with an equal or superior understanding of the Realitysculp Cycle can one evade their mindcages and live mindfree.

Many organizations, think tanks, and foundations have perfected a number of effective methods of free will manipulation that have been in use for at least a half a century on an unsuspecting population. Remember that the cycle begins with data received, and it ends with behavior of the masses. In between the start and end points are thoughts and perceptions, the very items that make our existence human. Stripped of free thoughts, perceptions, and living with our behavior controlled makes humans into beasts of burden for a master.  What could be more disturbing then to realize the reality that one’s very own thoughts as well as behavior can and has been tailored to suit the needs or wants of someone else? Ignorance of the Realitysculp Cycle condemns an individual to a life as a farm animal for a ruling elite.  If this doesn’t provide enough value to an individual to make the choice to expand their Reality Scope, then I must say they truly deserve their existence of a beast of burden within a mindcage.

As we discussed when I first published the overview of the cycle, I started it with Perception. Indeed in a world where we receive our data first hand from a pristine environment unfiltered or manipulated by someone else like our free ancestors of the past, then the cycle would begin at Perception. However, we live in a world where the majority of our data is received second hand through sources beyond our own control.  Someone else decides not only what information we receive but also the contexts that the information is presented in.  Take a moment and consider what that means.  If the Realitysculp Cycle starts at the Data received, and ends with the Behavior of the individual, it is clear that one of the key steps in ensuring that the individuals behave in a way desirous to their master is to control the content and context of the information they receive.

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