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Do you have a topic about Human Behavior Studies you would like to see on Dragon Tamers? Drop me a line by clicking here or contact us via our contacts page.  All post will be reviewed prior to approval, usually no more that 24 hours.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Current topics and posts:

1) Genetic Law

2) Help or Enabling?

3) Understanding the "Want"

4) The PIFTB Cycle

5) Nature vs Nurture

6) The "Just Is"

7) Line of Responsibility

8) Human Herd Organization 

8a) The Nobility Instinct

8b) The Community Instinct

8c) When Instincts are Unbalanced

Current Articles:

1) Is There Something Else Going On Here?

2) She Blamed His Mother for What? Part 1 of 3

3) She Blamed His Mother for What? Part 2 of 3

4) She Blamed His Mother for What? Part 3 of 3

5) What We Do Every Night Pinky!

6) Kick'em While They're Down!


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