The Author:

Bob Jones is student of human and social sciences and works in IT Security and other Security related fields and currently resides in Maryland.  He retired from the Marine Corps more than a decade ago, but continued to travel around the world for business related matters.

The concepts of DragonTamers will also be featured in his soon to released novel, Quarantine.

Professional Interests include:  Product Management, Competitor Analysis, System Administration, and Script Writing.

Personal Interests include:  Philosophy, psychology,  Writing – Blog Posting http://www.dragontamers.com  & http://www.installingafloorsafe.info and numerous articles published on Amazines & Articlesnatch.

Bike Riding, Running, Weight Lifting, History, Touring Historical Sights and Museums

The Story of DragonTamers –

The concepts displayed here on DragonTamers was born nearly 2 decades ago while I was overseas.  During my travels to every continent on the planet except Antarctica, I began to notice that no matter what the nation, what the religion, level of wealth, race, etc. each and every location seem to resemble the last.  As I would get out into the different cities around the world, it didn’t take long to orientate myself to each culture.  Every place I went I noticed that people pretty much acted the same way in any given situation.  Every society’s social and political structure was very similar, recognizable, and predictable.  In other words, the address would change, but it would seem that the people would live at each address.

It became clear to me that cultures so far apart in distance and history yet so very similar in everyday life indicated a much deeper link.  Observing the history of cultures like the Australian Aborigines, American Indians, China, and modern societies displayed once again ever repeating patterns.  Some of these cultures have been separated from each other for more than 20,000 years!  Yet the patterns repeated as if these cultures were in regular contact.

 So I took to studying people, history, psychology, politics, sociology, and making daily observations.  From these studies and observations, patterns emerged.  These patterns allowed me to make predictions on how people, any people, would act & react in controlled situations.  I soon found that no matter what nationality, what religion, economic class, or culture, when people were presented with the same or very similar situation they reacted the same way. 

Clearly human behavior had a genetic component to it, otherwise how could it be so universal?  This lead to the discovery of the PIFTB Cycle and the rest began to fall into place.  We all have heard the old saying that those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeating it. Well unfortunately that didn’t really pan out.  Over and over we see that even those who are well educated in history are condemned to repeating it.  Why? Because human behavior is not guided by our intellect, but rather our instincts.  Only when the individual accepts this truth and turns to a life of detachment can they ever separate their actions from instinct. In a few words, use their heads and not their hearts when making choices.

Only when humanity as a whole starts to use their intellect in an un-natural way to make choices will we start to intelligent choices being made.  Only then will humans begin to see the end of human suffering.

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