Rapid Learning Process – The “Just Is”

What is the “Just Is”?  It is an overly simple way of explaining a set of events that occur most strongly in childhood as part of the Rapid Learning Process children experience their early development years

Science has shown that during the early years of human life, the child’s brain has an incredible capacity to absorb information.  This capacity is critical for the child’s long term survival because the child must learn how to understand the world it was born into very quickly.  Think of this in terms of primitive man, a child would need to learn very quickly two very important points. The first is how to integrate with their parents, family, and community so they can easily coordinate survival or life enabling actions.  The second is the child needs to learn basic survival skills.  This is known at Dragon Tamers as the Rapid Learning Process.

In modern man, this capacity is used by a child to master both verbal and non-verbal communication, the culture of the community, and other skill as required.  Since biology cannot really determine what skills (other than maybe Communication & Language) will need to be learned, the brain is not differentiated and thus can absorb information on nearly any subject.  Before proceeding I would like to take a moment and discuss the difference between learning and memorization.  Absorbing information that can be recalled upon demand is memorization not learning. Learning is really about understanding the why or how of information.  Learning allows you to create and apply new and different strategies for situations, either new or repeated, that may come about.  Memorization on the other hand is about absorbing information and accepting it at face value. 

Normally as information is received by a person, it will be evaluated and sorted based upon our established sense of perception.  As a child, this sense of perception has not yet fully developed.  Think of perception sort of like a database.  When the database is new and has only a few entries, evaluation of the data is not yet really possible.  It is the same for a young child’s sense of perception; they simply do not have enough information yet to start forming judgments on the information.  During this time the child’s mind looks for external guidance on sorting the information they receive. Just as a newly hatched duck will become “impressed” to their mother, so do human children with their parents and figures of authority in the child’s life.  Children naturally trust the information presented to them by their parents and figures of authority as factual, no matter how incredible it is, during the Rapid Learning Process.  The “Just is” is the acceptance of the perceived world, based upon data received by the child’s physical senses and the information provided by parents and other trusted sources, without question nor a need of explanation as fact. 

It would seem likely that humans evolved this way in lock step with the evolutionary instinct of a parent to protect their off spring.  Early human Parents would ensure they taught the children what is in the child’s best interest to survive.  With that being the case, then children that absorbed this information and acted upon it as if it was unquestionable fact would have the greatest chance of survival. 

Observations and studies have shown that the information children are exposed to during the Rapid Learning Process tends to be accepted as fact by the child for the rest of the child’s life.  Even if later in life the child receives significant evidence contradicting the factualness of information they learned during this time, they resist disbelieving it.  Instead the human mind will try and “reconcile” the hard evidence they learn later with the “facts” they were taught as a child.  This can lead to some incredible theories!  One example I saw was a religious leader who tried to reconcile the “fact” they were taught as a child that the earth was only 6000 years old, and the overwhelming physical evidence that the earth is around 4 billion years old.   He created a theory of compressed time.  Basically the theory stated that during the earlier stages of earth’s development, time moved much more rapidly.  So the nearly 4 billion years of the earth’s occurred in just 7 days.  However 6000 years ago, time slowed to a normal rate. Believe it or not, quite a number of folks actually accepted this idea and concept.  Speaking for myself, even after reading it several times, I was unable to completely comprehend how the folks that support this idea cannot see the obvious contradictions and flaws with this incredible theory. 

The phenomenon of learning we call the “Just is” is well known and well documented. While it is clear that the capability of the Rapid Learning Process is critical to the survival of higher animals (humans are not the only ones that experience this), it is also one human’s the most vulnerable aspects.  Over the centuries and even today, religious and political leaders have taken advantage of this vulnerability to a human’s freewill to “Shape” the thinking of whole generations.  Let me give you some real world examples:

Hitler’s Youth

Communist Education

Religious Schools

Remember the fellow I mentioned in the article " She Blamed What on his Mother? – Part 1 of 3" who is a member of that religious sect that removed all their kids from school?  During our conversation he quite clearly expressed that his religious sect KNOWINGLY & WILLINGLY took advantage of the “Rapid Learning Process” phenomenon to suppress freewill within their own children in order to “shape and mold” the child’s believe system.  

I need to take a pause and discuss “truth” for a moment.  The concept of truth deserves a whole posting all by itself, but for moment I will try and be as simple as possible.  There are two types of truth, the first is the truth of reality, and the other is “human truth” or the “truth that we want”.  The first is what something really is; the other is what we wish it to be. I will go into this more deeply in another posting, but for the moment, do not underestimate the illogical limits of what a human will do to make what they want to be true, into what is true.  

Circling back to my discussion with the fellow I mentioned two paragraphs above, I challenged him on the question of truth.  I asked him if something is the truth, why would anyone need to “shape” a person’s mind to get them to believe it.  Should not the very fact that you are KNOWINGLY & WILLINGLY taking action to implant a concept as truth using a well know and documented brain washing technic cause you to question the truthfulness of the concept? 

If any of this scares you, it should.  While we all “know” that we have not been influenced by the “Just is”, we can see how so many others from in foreign lands, different parts of the country, and even different religions twist and program their children so they grow up with a distorted view.  Once grown with this distorted view it makes it very difficult if not impossible for those people to be open to accepting the “truth”.  Did I detect a bit of sarcasm in my last paragraph?

Let me know what you think?

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